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22 common accidents in steelmaking plants and their control methods and continuous casting accident handling plans!

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Table of Contents

1. Common accidents in steelmaking plants

1) Converter area

⑴ low temperature of molten steel;

⑵ converter leakage;

(3) molten steel P high accident

⑷ Converter ladle car and slag car dropped off;

⑸ Oxygen gun burning accident

⑹ Bottom up accident

⑺ Iron sprinkling accident in converter:

2) Continuous casting area

(1) All kinds of breakout accidents in continuous casting (corner breakout, longitudinal breakout, high temperature breakout, start breakout, slag-wrapped breakout)

⑵ low temperature freezing flow accident

(3) Middle bag wearing accident

⑷Continuous casting equipment damage accident:

3) Ladle area

(1) Missing package accident:

⑵ ladle airtight accident:

(3) Ladle slide plate drill steel;

⑷ Accidents that the water outlet cannot be opened:

⑸ Ladle breathable bricks are not breathable;

4) LF area

⑴ LF furnace leakage accident:

⑵ broken electrode accident:

(3) The electrode has no lifting accident:

⑷ Trip accident during power transmission:

⑸ Slag spill accident:

⑹Extraordinary accident of C content:

2. Management and control measures for common production accidents in steelmaking plants

 (1) Low temperature accident:

1. Organize steelmaking according to the molten iron conditions;

2. The steelmaker judges the end point;

3. It is strictly forbidden to use 100% returned steel for blowing;

4. After the furnace is repaired or stopped for a long time, the furnace operation should be carried out before starting the blowing.

5. Keep abreast of the continuous casting production situation and adjust the tapping temperature.

 (2) Furnace leakage accident:

1. Firmly establish the awareness that “furnace conditions are the first responsibility of steelmakers”;

2. Optimize the slag splashing process to ensure the maintenance of the furnace lining in the smelting process;

3. Make full use of the pull-down time to subsidize the weak parts of the converter;

4. Control the tapping temperature of the converter to prevent the occurrence of high temperature steel;

5. When the molten iron composition is not good, make full use of various means to prevent the occurrence of multiple furnace failures;

6. Master the production rhythm and eliminate the phenomenon of molten steel bubble furnace;

7. Do a good job in handover of furnace conditions.

 (3) molten steel P high accident:

1. In the early stage of blowing, the slag can be melted early, the slag can be melted well, and the P removal can be realized in the early stage;

2. The steel smelter judges the end point well, and if you are not sure, just tap the steel;

3. Block the slag at the end of tapping;

4. If the tapping time is less than 3 minutes, replace the tapping port.

 (4) Accidents of slag trucks and ladle trucks falling off the road:

1. Reasonably control the feeding operation and oxygen supply intensity to prevent splashing;

2. Deal with the sticky slag at the furnace mouth in time to prevent it from falling when the furnace is poured or tapped;

3. The sticky steel and sticky slag on the slag slide should be cleaned every time they are pulled down;

4. Carefully observe the monitoring screen when sampling the furnace and pouring slag to prevent it from coming out of the slag basin;

5. Contact the slag cleaner in time to replace the slag basin or clean the slag channel;

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