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Explanation of environmental protection measures during the blast furnace ironmaking process

Abstract: In order to reduce the pollution caused by blast furnace ironmaking to the atmospheric environment, research on environmental protection measures during the blast furnace ironmaking process was carried out. By analyzing the blast furnace ironmaking process and the harm it causes to the environment, environmental protection measures such as recycling the heat generated during […]

Research on the complexity mechanism and prediction of blast furnace smelting process

Abstract: Steel plays a major role in social development. It is a basic project to promote social development and a pillar industry for the development of the national economy. In the steel industry, blast furnace ironmaking has become an upstream main process, playing an irreplaceable role and significance in the development and energy-saving optimization of […]

Development of ramming material for ferroalloy acidic slag electric furnace bottom

The development process of ferroalloy acidic slag electric furnace bottom ramming material is introduced. Tests have shown that replacing the furnace bottom with carbon bricks can facilitate masonry construction, repair the furnace bottom, increase the life of the furnace bottom, and reduce the unit consumption of refractory materials. Keywords: ferroalloy; Al₂O₃-C-SiC series furnace bottom; ramming […]

Blast furnace charge requirements and sintering technology status

Abstract: Blast furnace is a shaft furnace production technology that uses carbon to reduce iron from iron oxides. The main product is to provide molten iron for steelmaking. Blast furnace ironmaking is based on fine materials, and sinter is the main component of the blast furnace charge. Its quality directly determines the quality of the […]

The Importance of Temperature Control in Converter Steelmaking

This article describes the importance of temperature on converter steelmaking and its impact on various aspects. Keywords: converter steelmaking; temperature control The importance of temperature to steelmaking When smelting steel, the temperature of the steel is an important parameter. Temperature control is mainly process temperature control and end point temperature control. The quality of end-point […]

Effect of magnesium sulfate on the properties of magnesia castables

The experiment uses magnesia as the main raw material, magnesium sulfate as the binding agent, and silica as the auxiliary binding agent. The critical size of aggregate particles is 5 mm, and continuous particles are used for proportioning: 5 to 3 mm, 3 to 1 mm, 1-0 mm, and <0.074 mm. Keep the amount of […]

High-performance unshaped refractory materials for converter repair

A company has developed a new high-performance converter hot repair material. The developed carbon-bonded gunning material is far superior to ordinary gunning materials. It has good adhesion even if the brick surface is gunned to a temperature above 1300°C after slagging. It is a carbon-bonded gunning material corresponding to ultra-high temperature construction. The newly developed […]

Analysis of types of converter steelmaking and damage mechanism of refractory linings used

This article describes the types of steelmaking converters and the analysis of the lining damage mechanism of refractory materials. Keywords: steelmaking converter; refractory materials; damage mechanism Converter steelmaking is one of the most widely used steelmaking methods in the world. It has become the mainstream steelmaking method because of its high efficiency, short smelting cycle, […]

Comprehensive solution of Refractory for steelmaking

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