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Factory base visit

2023.12.26-2023.12.27 led our customer Tunisian to the factory base in Yingkou to test the performance of refractory bricks and understand the entire production process. In the morning, I took the client to the laboratory to observe sample testing. Visit the workshop and learn about the entire magnesia carbon brick production process, from crushing to mixing […]

Magnesia carbon bricks manufacturing process

Each process link in the production of magnesia carbon bricks must be strictly monitored. Among them, mixing, forming, and drying are particularly important in the production. 1. Break and smash Crushing is the process of processing large pieces of material into ideal particle size materials. It is an indispensable process in the production of refractory […]

What’s Magnesia carbon bricks composition?

MgO-C bricks are composed of magnesia clinker, flake graphite, antioxidants, resin components, etc., and have high resistance to corrosion, spalling, and slag penetration thanks to the characteristics of their constituents. In addition to conventional pitch and resin bonded and burned and impregnated magnesia brick, the following three types of magnesia carbon brick are available on […]

what’s Magnesia carbon bricks uses

MgO-C (magnesia-carbon) refractory bricks are widely used in steel industry, the primary consumer of refractory linings, such as basic oxygen furnaces, electric arc furnaces, and ladle furnaces.

Comprehensive solution of Refractory for steelmaking

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