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Ladle refractory process – service life increased from 102 times to 201 times

Ladle refractory process - service life increased from 102 times to 201 times

Keyword:Ladle, magnesia carbon brick Description:The service life of the ladle has been increased from 102 times to 201 times. This article introduces how we have significantly improved the life of the steel ladle through optimization. Through the implementation of optimization measures, the use of steel ladles in steel mills has been gradually improved. The life […]

Every link of quality control is in place – slide gate refractories

Every link of quality control is in place – implement perfectionismThis is our slide gate plate for American customers,.To avoid distortion and cracks caused by firing process, we set up each slide gate plate with its own room. LMM people love products all the time and implement perfectionism.

What had LMM Yotai done to face the raw material price increase?

The magnesia material price increased by 21.5% 1.LMM Yotai shared with customers aboutthe magnesia material increasing information intime.2.LMM Yotai reminded customers to signthe annual order and issue down pay-ment so that we can stock raw materi-al in advance and keep the price un-changed.3.To build a stable and safe supplychannel for our customers. Graphite electrode material […]

How to solve the delivery problem under the epidemic situation and ensure that customers using?

Under the current circum-stances, the epidemic is be-coming more and morenormal around us. In orderto better cope with the epi-demic, we share local market information in time,work with customers tofight the epidemic, ensureproduction and deliverysmoothly. USA: slide gate plate shipment by air Problem: Due to the epidemic, the vessel was delayed atsea and the goods could […]

Comprehensive solution of Refractory for steelmaking

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