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Two common recycling methods of waste magnesia carbon bricks and their key technical issues and application prospects

Recycling brick making technology of waste magnesia carbon brick refractory materials Steel production requires a large amount of magnesia-carbon bricks, which provides an outlet for the recycling of used magnesia-carbon refractory materials. Therefore, the recycling brick-making technology of used magnesia-carbon refractory materials has become the focus of development for domestic and foreign steel mills and […]

Causes of damage and improvement methods of magnesia-chrome bricks and magnesia-calcium bricks used in VOD furnaces

Regarding the configuration of refractory materials for the VOD furnace lining, direct bonded magnesia-chromium bricks are mostly used at the bottom and molten steel parts; semi-rebonded magnesia-chromium bricks and electrofused rebonded alumina-magnesia-chrome bricks are used in the slag line. Furnace lining repair material uses MgO-MgO·Al2O3 castable. Causes of damage to magnesia-chrome bricks used in VOD furnaces […]

Effect of firing temperature on properties of magnesia-iron-aluminum spinel bricks

Abstract: In order to determine the firing temperature when preparing magnesia-iron-aluminum spinel bricks using sintered iron-aluminum spinel as the main raw material. High-purity magnesia with particle sizes of 5 to 3, ≤3, and ≤ 0.088mm (mass fractions of 36%, 28%, and 31% respectively) and ferro-aluminum spinel powder with particle sizes of ≤0.088 mm (mass fraction […]

A brief discussion on the application of dolomite refractory bricks in cement kilns

Abstract: Environmental protection issues have become a top priority for countries around the world. As the main refractory material in the cement kiln firing zone, magnesia-chromium bricks are increasingly harmful to the environment. The performance advantages of dolomite bricks, which have been widely used abroad, in the firing zone are analyzed in detail. On this […]

Application of high-quality magnesia-calcium bricks in AOD refining furnace

At present, refractory materials for AOD furnaces are roughly divided into three types: magnesia-chrome bricks, magnesia-dolomite bricks (magnesia-calcium bricks) and dolomite bricks. European AOD furnace linings generally use calcined dolomite bricks, while most Japanese AOD furnaces still use MgO-Cr2O3 bricks, and some use composite masonry. MgO-Cr2O3 bricks are used below the 10th floor of the […]

Development of ramming material for ferroalloy acidic slag electric furnace bottom

The development process of ferroalloy acidic slag electric furnace bottom ramming material is introduced. Tests have shown that replacing the furnace bottom with carbon bricks can facilitate masonry construction, repair the furnace bottom, increase the life of the furnace bottom, and reduce the unit consumption of refractory materials. Keywords: ferroalloy; Al₂O₃-C-SiC series furnace bottom; ramming […]

Analysis of the Causes of Damage of Al-Mg-C Bricks and Magnesia-Carbon Bricks During Use

This article describes the damage mechanism of alumina-magnesia-carbon bricks and the influence of carbon oxidation and pores to explain the damage mechanism of magnesium-carbon bricks through chemical erosion, spalling, and carbon oxidation. Key words: alumina-magnesia-carbon brick, magnesia-carbon brick, damage mechanism Although carbon-containing refractories have remarkable resistance to molten steel erosion, slag resistance, good thermal shock […]

Masonry characteristics and use precautions of conductive magnesia-carbon bricks for steelmaking electric furnaces

This article describes the masonry characteristics of refractory materials at the bottom of the conductive furnace and the matters needing attention in the normal use of conductive refractory bricks for DC electric furnaces. Key words: steelmaking; conductive magnesia carbon brick; masonry characteristics; precautions Conductive magnesia-carbon refractories for steelmaking electric furnaces were first developed by Radex […]

Comprehensive solution of Refractory for steelmaking

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