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How to solve the delivery problem under the epidemic situation and ensure that customers using?

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Under the current circum-stances, the epidemic is be-coming more and morenormal around us. In orderto better cope with the epi-demic, we share local market information in time,work with customers tofight the epidemic, ensureproduction and deliverysmoothly.

USA: slide gate plate shipment by air

Problem: Due to the epidemic, the vessel was delayed atsea and the goods could not be delivered to the USA user in time.As a result, the steel plant would soon shutdown due to the shortage of goods.
Solution: LMM Yotai did our best to catch theearliest production time, and bear half ofthe air freight cost to send the goods by airto ensure their plant running.

India: Changing loading seaport fromShanghai to Oingdao

Problem: Due to the epidemic situation inShanghai, Shanghai Port is blocked.
Solution: In order to be able to deliver goodson time so that customers can receive thegoods as soon as possible, we communicatedwith customers in a timcly manner, we sug-gested to change the port of loading from Shanghai to Qingdao seaport. We voluntari-ly covered all costs incurred in changingports.

In order to better cope with the epidemic,we recommend that you pay attention tothe consumption in your workshop, andbe sure to make purchasing and inventoryplans in advance.
Let us join hands together and trusteach other. We will share the localmarket information with you in timeso that we can stabilize supply for you.Nothing is impossible.

Comprehensive solution of Refractory for steelmaking

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