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LMM YOTAI established in 2007. Our production technology comes from Japanese Yotai. As an experienced and international player in the refractories industry. We have succeeded in expanding both the breadth of its product range and the depth of its services. From raw material selection, refractory portofio & optimization, installation & services & recycle of used refractories on site to further reduce client’s Opex in refractory consumption per ton steel output, meanwhile improve product quality of client.


  • Good high temperature resistance
  • Strong anti-slag penetration resistance
  • Resistance to thermal shock
  • High Corrosion resistance to slag
  • Non-Wettability to molten slag
  • Increases lifespan of the ladle.
  • Low thermal expansion
Magnesia carbon bricks
magnesia chrome bricks

Magnesia Carbon Bricks for Ladle

MTB-6A8573.10 4.00 48
MTB-10A81113.08 3.00 45
MTB-14A77153.00 2.00 42
MT-10A81113.08 3.00 45
MT-12A79133.03 3.00 42
MT-14A77153.00 2.00 42
MT-16A75172.95 2.00 38

Alumina Magnesia Carbon Bricks

AMT-601657122.924.00 50
AMT-801762102.954.00 50

Tempered Magnesia Dolomite Carbon Bricks

MGT-5A 671782.90 3.00 40
MGT-5B572872.90 4.00 40
MGT-5C582572.90 4.00 35
MGT-8A5725112.95 2.00 45
MGT-8B5723102.90 3.00 40
MGT-8C602582.90 3.00 40

Magnesia Bricks

Grade Mg0 CaO AI203 Fe203 Si02 B.D. A.P. C.C.S R.U.L 
MZ-9191.212.820.7914.12.9314.50 851530
MZ-9594.580.720.720.882.032.9615.00 801640

Fused Magnesia Bricks

Grade Mg0 CaO AI203 Fe203 Si02 ZrO2B.D. A.P. C.C.S R.U.L 

Advanced production equipment, professional production technology

  • Japanese technology & management
  • 1 set 2100 tons automatic hydraulic press
  • 2 sets 1850C Tunnel Kiln annual production capacity: 80000 tons
  • Automatic controlling system & complete chemical & physical testing system
  • 10 set presses, including 1000t, 800t, 630t and 400t friction press, advanced crushing, blending


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We improved the bricks formula and specification accoridng to our experience, the final using performance doubled compared with their previous specification.
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The MgO-C bricks which used in EAF has a good performance in 75 furnaces, we are so satificated with the using performance of the bricks from LMM YOTAI
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In the ladle we have been using high alumina bricks with a performance of 50 heats. After the improved design of LMM YOTAI engineers, we use magnesia carbon bricks instead of high alumina bricks, and the performance reaches 60 furnaces and is still running.

LMM GROUP have been supplied to world’s top steel manufacturer :

United Arab EmiratesEmirates Steel
Egypt:Ezz Steel
Russia:MMK,Mechel, NLMK
Luxembourg:RIVA Group,ArcelorMittal
Turkey: Tosyalı Holding,İçdaş,Erdemir Group
Spain: Liberty Steel Group,CELSA Steel Group
India: tata-steel,SAIL, SPL,Erdemir Group etc. 

Pre-Sales Service
* Inquiry and consulting support.

* Planning layout and Design requires machinery

* Welcome visit our Factory.

* The production process and before leaving the factory, all performance indicators are strictly tested, and the professional QC team controls according to the process.


After-Sales Service
* Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

* IN-TIME delivery goods.

* The quality is tracked throughout the process, and the installation and use are guided throughout the process.

* Long-term technical support.

* Stick to the agreement, do not do anything that violates the agreement, stick to the spirit of the contract to the end.

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Comprehensive solution of Refractory for steelmaking

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Comprehensive solution of Refractory for steelmaking

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