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Our MgO-C brick advantage

  • located at “Magnesium city”of China,
    we have material location advantage
  • Japanese technology & management
  • we have magnesia carbon refractories warehouse in Mexico

Magnesia Carbon Brick

Product Name: Magnesia Carbon Brick
1 year
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Raw materials

located at “Magnesium city“of China, we have material location advantage


  • set 2100 tons automatic hydraulic press
  • 2 sets 1850C Tunnel Kiln annual production capacity: 80000 tons


we supplied to Greece, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Mexico etc.. we can also do OEM for you


Inherets the advanced technology, management experience and quality control from Japanese YOTAl.

Bricks process of production

magnesia carbon brick process

Our production equipment

  • automatic controlling system & complete chemical & physical testing system.
  • Four grinder systems;
  • Two measure systems;
  • Six mixers;
  • Seven friction presses(400-1000ton);
  • One 1000ton automatic shaping line;
  • One hydraulic press (2100 ton);
  • Ten dryers (25m);
  • Two tunnel kilns (1850℃,113m);

Magnesium carbon brick recommended model selection

Magnesia carbon bricks for EAF

  • Application site: MgO-C bricks for EAF side wall

  • Select Model:LY-S-NSA-11OXMA

Especially S-NSA has developed as especially for side wall hot spots in bricks for electric arc furnace. In order to meet variety of needs, YOTAI supplies plenty of variations by replacing grade of raw materials or quantity of carbon, introduced below.

Feature of S-LY

  • Base of carbon content is set as 20% to take advantage of carbon characteristics.
  • Varieties of brands are developed by corporate with different grades of raw materials and carbon contents.
  • High durability is carried out for hot spots by adopting high purity materials and dense construction.
  • Bricks used for except hot spots are took into account of balance and durability and cost by replacing grade of materials.
  • Low carbon type supports for oxidization damage by oxidization slag.

Technical data of side wall refractories:

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  • Application site: Eccentric bottom tap hole (E.B.T)

  • Select Model:LY-15SX

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Eccentric bottom tapping has been applied as a latest technology. High resistances to corrosion, spalling, oxidation are required for refractories for E.B.T. YOTAI provides the best material for each sections.

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  • Application site: Electrode of furnace bottom

  • Select Model:LY-16BSX

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Magnesia carbon bricks for LF

  • MgO-C bricks for the free board  (LY-LD-MG-18XE)

  • MgO-C bricks for the lining of slag line(LY-LD-MG-14XFK)

  • MgO-C bricks for the permanent of slag line (LY-LD-MG-15XE)

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our customers worldwide


The MgO-C bricks which used in EAF has a good performance in 75 furnaces, we are so satificated with the using performance of the bricks from LMM YOTAI
Ukrainian customers
We improved the bricks formula and specification accoridng to our experience, the final using performance doubled compared with their previous specification.
Egypt A customers
In the ladle we have been using high alumina bricks with a performance of 50 heats. After the improved design of LMM YOTAI engineers, we use magnesia carbon bricks instead of high alumina bricks, and the performance reaches 60 furnaces and is still running.
Egypt B customers
our customers worldwide

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