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Main properties and uses of magnesia carbon bricks

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Magnesia-carbon bricks are made of magnesia, dead-burned magnesia, fused magnesia, high-purity magnesia and high-quality graphite and bauxite additives. The price of magnesia-carbon bricks and its performance have a lot to do with the graphite content in the bricks. As the graphite content increases, the strength of the brick decreases, the thermal expansion rate decreases, and the residual expansion rate increases. Magnesia carbon brick manufacturers


Therefore, the graphite content in the brick should be controlled at about 20%. Magnesia-carbon bricks have low wettability to slag, and have excellent resistance to spalling and erosion. They are suitable for the slag line of the ladle, especially in the case of multi-furnace continuous casting. In order to meet the needs of producing clean steel, the application part of magnesia-carbon bricks has been expanded from the slag line to the side wall during refining in the ladle.

When laying magnesia-carbon bricks on the ladle, care should be taken not to mix with bricks containing high SiO2. Otherwise, the local melting loss of magnesia-carbon bricks will be increased, and the melting loss mechanism is:

It is mainly used for the lining and tapping hole of the steel-making oxidation reformer, the hot spot of the furnace wall of the high-power electric furnace, the lining of the refining furnace outside the furnace, the slag line of the steel ladle, etc.

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