Provides the complete refractory solution for blast furnace, electric arc furnace, and more.

Refractory materials for iron and steel metallurgy

Compared with other firebricks, MgO-C bricks have high refractoriness, good slag-erosion resistance andspalling resistance,and are widely lined in wall of electrical furnace and ladle with severe conditions. For permanent lining,MgO firebrick is usually used to save cost.



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Refractory for Cement Rotary Kiln

The environments of transition zone, burning zone and cooling zone in cement rotary kiln are severe dueto high temperature from burning clinker and erosion of K,Na,CI.S. The upsize of rotary kiIn and usage inwaste disposal make the condition of using refractories even harsher. Yotai group developed MgO-Cr203 series, Mgo-Al203 Spinel series and non-chrome series bricks for cement rotary kiln,which haveachieved remarkable results. We occupy top shares in Japan refractory market,and have expandedgreatly in China market as well.

Refractory for Ferroalloy

Refractory ferroalloy furnace lining in the smelting process, ferroalloy furnace refractory is necessary to withstand strong high temperature. In order to ensure that ferroalloy smelting can be carried out effectively at high temperatures, special refractory materials must be used to build electric furnace lining.

Refractory for Nonferrous Metals

Basic brick for non-ferrous metals industries is made of dead burned magnesia and purified chrome ore.The process of high-pressure press machine and ultra high temperature tunnel kiIn manufactures them. This product has good resistance to both of corrosion and volume change at high temperature. They arewidely used in non-ferrous metal factory and various high-temperature furnaces.

Refractory for Glass Kiln

Our productions have excellent resistance to alkali vapor attack, resistance to change of structure andfine resistance to peeling. They are the good materials for used in regenerator of the glass furnace, and widely used in float sheet glass furnace, bottle and other glass production furnace.

Provides the complete refractory solution for blast furnace, electric arc furnace, and more. We Are Experts!

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