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LMM TOTAI offer a complete product and service portfolio for all steelmaking processes.
From basic and non-basic bricks and mixes, slide gate plates, isostatic products and prefab components to special machinery, mechanisms and repair systems.

BF Paint

I.Advantages of raw material: small porosity, high purity, good volume stability.

II.Advantages of resistance to slag and iron erosion: Compared with traditional ones, it has a smaller area ratio of resistance to slag and iron erosion.

III. Strength performance advantage: As the most important performance index of refractors-compressive strength, LMM silica sol material has rolling advantage!

Class NameProduct performanceResidual line change rate(%)Normal temperature compressive strength (MPa) 
Max temp (°C)Al2O3(%)Bulk density (kg/m3)
BF dry spray paint


BF wet spray materialCM-SHOT1601600≥53≥2350≥-1.0(1400°C)≥80 (1400℃)
CM-SHOT A10SC1700 (restore the atmosphere)≥70≥2700≥-1.2(1450C carbon protection)≥>60(1450°C carbon protection)
CM-CS 60SX1550≥55≥2300≤+0.6(1400°c)≥65(1400°C)
CM-CS A17SC SX (silica sol)1700 (restore the atmosphere)≥71≥2800≥-0.4(1450°C carbon protection)≥60(1450°C carbon protection)

Comprehensive solution of Refractory for steelmaking

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