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Refractory Material for EAF

The principle and function of electric furnace, AOD furnace, LF furnace and VD vacuum furnace

Product NameGunning repairing material
Warranty: 1 year
Sample: Sample testing is available
Certification: ISO9001/ISO14001
Payment method: TT/LC
Shipping method: sea/land/air
Specifications: Customized products according to customer drawings

Gunning repairing material

application:EAF repairing
Select Model:G-HD100

These materials are applied for hot gunning for electronic furnace repair, and used of basic gunning material in general. Yotai consider for various kind of materials and develop the materials to get the satisfaction by user, and the introduction is mentioned as below.

 Gunning repairing material


  • We have general type using virgin materials, and cost cut type using recycled materials.
  • Our general type has Magnesia G-E series for corrosion resistance, Magnesia dolomite G-MD/HD series for Sinterability to wall of furnace and Magnesia spinel type of G-E1SP/BSP8 for suitable to operation in low C/S slag line.
  • Our cost down type has Magnesia Chrome G-R2Y, that is made by recycled material. The recycled material after using at the furnace is provided by steel manufacturer, and is done for sizing and grading.


Comprehensive solution of Refractory for steelmaking

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