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LMM TOTAI offer a complete product and service portfolio for all steelmaking processes.
From basic and non-basic bricks and mixes, slide gate plates, isostatic products and prefab components to special machinery, mechanisms and repair systems.

high alumina bricks for tundish

high alumina bricks for tundish

Use Bland
The cover of tundish: high alumina castable LY-CFC-16T
The castable for the lining :   high alumina castable LY-CFC-TD-80
Bricks for slag dam : magnesia bricks LY-TBX-SY-1
high alumina bricks LY-TBX-A2
Coating materials : magnesia coat LY-TD-C-M7
Block for impact zone: Al2O3-SiC-C block LY-LD-AGX-T2
Nozzle for casting: zirconia nozzle LY-YZN
Well block: high alumina block LY-SK35
Ramming materials: SiO2-Al2O3-SiC ramming materials LY-R-AMC
Repairing materials by trowelling:     high alumina castable LY-C-170M
Patching materials : high alumina LY-P-AP60

The used position: for slag dam 
Select modle:LY-TBX-A2

Brand LY-TBX-A2
Material Weir wall
Chemical composition(%) Al2O3 67
SiO2 29
Bulk density 2.3
Apparent porosity(%) 18
Cold crushing strength(MPa) 25

The used position: for Well block
Select modle:LY-SK35

Brand LY-YZN LY-SK35
Chemical composition(%) Al2O3 0.4 51
SiO2 4.3 44
MgO 94.6
Bulk density 4.9 2.18
Apparent porosity(%) 13.1 24
Cold crushing strength(MPa) 88.2 29

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