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Slide Gate Ladle


LMM TOTAI offer a complete product and service portfolio for all steelmaking processes.
From basic and non-basic bricks and mixes, slide gate plates, isostatic products and prefab components to special machinery, mechanisms and repair systems.

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The company provides a wide range of products and services used in converter, EAF, Ladle, tundish and other kilns and furnaces. We also equipped with world advanced facilities such as Laeis automatic hydraulic press HPF2500, Eirich R19 mixer, Shimadzu made XRF-1800 sequential X-Ray fluores-cence spectrometer, by focusing on product research and development and quality control. Our products also supply to Asia , Europe, America and Africa and other countries and regions.

Composition of Ladel slide gate plate

The slide gate plate consists of four parts: iron hoop, slide gate plate body, asbestos plate and iron sheet. The working face of the slide gate plate body is coated with sliding agent, and the back is covered with asbestos plate and protective sheet iron and iron hoops around it.

Ladle Slide Gate Plate - Each component functions

Asbestos plate:

Mainly absorb, buffer the deformation between the slide gate plate and the mold frame, so that the slide gate plate and the mold frame and the upper and lower slide gate plate between the force is uniform, and the heat insulation. 

Iron sheet: 

Prevent the high temperature sintering of sliding gate plate and fixed frame. 

Iron hoop:

 The slide gate plate is used under high temperature conditions, the crack is inevitable, in order to prevent the slide gate plate fracture, prevent the crack further expansion, has the protective effect.

Ladle slide gate plate fixed in the mechanism

The slide gate plate is fixed by four diamond-shaped corner blocks located diagonally. The arrow direction in the figure is the force direction of the slide gate plate. Slide gate plate in the process of use, due to the heat impact, can not avoid to produce cracks, in order to prevent the further expansion of cracks, the diagonal force of the press skateboard, can prevent the expansion of transverse and longitudinal cracks at the same time, slide gate palte design for the diamond shape, not only can save materials, reduce costs, but also can reduce weight, reduce the labor intensity of workers.

Ladle Slide Gate Plate -Aluminum Carbon, Aluminum Zirconium Carbon material

With plate corundum, fused corundum, zirconium corundum and zirconium mullite as the main raw materials, metal micro-powder and fine powder are added to improve the high temperature performance of the slide gate plate. Phenolic resin and silica-modified resin with high residual carbon and solid content are used as bonding agents. Adopt a variety of different processes, such as non-burning, light burning and burning. The slide gate plate has the characteristics of good corrosion resistance to molten steel, corrosion resistance to molten steel and good thermal shock stability.

LT-65LT-70LT-80LGT-65LGT-70SNLTG -75
AL2O3% ≥657080657075
C% ≥411422
ZrO2% ≥568
AP. (%) ≤12109977
CCS,Mpa ≥70100120130150170
B.D,g/cm3 ≥2.953.

Ladle Slide Gate Plate - Magnesium Carbon, Aluminum Magnesium Spinel Carbon Material

Magnesium carbon, magnesium spinel slide gate plate using sintered corundum, high purity magnesia, magnesium aluminum spinel and other raw materials, add metal micro, fine powder to improve the high temperature performance of the slide gate plate, the use of new resin combination, high pressure molding, bottom temperature drying, with high strength, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, good thermal stability.

 MgO -C Magnesium Spinel Carbon
 MT – 70MT –  80LMT – 60LMT – 70
AL2O3% ≥6065
MgO% ≥70853030
AP. (%)≤108108
CCS,Mpa≥80 100 100 130 

LMM YOTAI established in 2007. Our production technology comes from Japanese Yotai. As an experienced and international player in the refractories industry. We have succeeded in expanding both the breadth of its product range and the depth of its services. From raw material selection, refractory portofio & optimization, installation & services & recycle of used refractories on site to further reduce client’s Opex & Capex in refractory consumption per ton steel output, meanwhile improve product quality of client.

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