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ladle slide gate

Warranty: 1 year
Sample: Sample testing is available
Certification: ISO9001/ISO14001
Payment method: TT/LC
Transportation method: sea transportation/land transportation/air transportation
Location of use: Large and medium-sized ladles and converters
Specifications: Customized product drawings according to customers

Our products have been supplied to the world’s top steel manufacturers Arcelormittal, TATA Steel, EZZ Steel, etc., and have long been OEMs for Comcast and Danieli

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This product adopts high-purity and high density fused magnesite graphite or sintered magnesium aluminate spiel as main raw materials, ads in antioxidants, uses phenolic resin as binder, then burned under high temperature. Fit for high quality steel casting.

When used on a 300-ton ladle in a steel plant, the service life can reach 3 to 4 furnaces and up to 7 furnaces; when used on a 60-ton tundish, the service life can reach 12 furnaces.

Item MgO Slide Plate
MgO , % ≥ 93
Al2O3 , % ≥ 2.5
Fe2O3 , % ≥ 0.6
C, % ≥ After tempered
Apparent porosity Before oiled 19
After tempered 11
Bulk density Before oiled 2.92
After tempered 2.95
Normal temperature compressive strength Before oiled 70
After tempered 80

LMM YOTAI sliding gate plate, also known simply as a ladle slide gate or slide gate plate, is a crucial component used in various industrial processes, particularly in steelmaking, foundries, and other metal-processing industries. Contributing to efficiency, quality, and safety in metal production operations. Its primary purpose is to regulate the flow of molten metal or other materials within a vessel, typically a ladle or a tundish.

Here’s a breakdown of its purpose and function:

Regulation of Flow: The ladle slide gate acts as a valve to control the flow of molten metal from one vessel to another or into molds. By adjusting the position of the plate, operators can increase or decrease the flow rate as needed.

Sealing: It creates a tight seal when closed, preventing leakage of molten metal. This is crucial for maintaining process efficiency and preventing material loss, which can be costly.

Temperature Resistance: Gate plates are designed to withstand extremely high temperatures, ensuring they remain intact and functional even in the intense heat of metal-processing environments.

Durability: They are typically made from materials that can withstand the corrosive and abrasive nature of molten metals, such as refractory materials like alumina, zirconia, or magnesia. This ensures longevity and reliability in harsh operating conditions.

Ease of Operation: Modern ladle slide gates are designed for ease of operation, allowing operators to open and close them smoothly and precisely. This is crucial for maintaining process control and efficiency.

Versatility: ladle slide gate come in various designs and sizes to accommodate different applications and vessel configurations. They can be tailored to specific requirements based on factors such as the type of metal being processed, the temperature involved, and the desired flow rate.

slide gate plate nozzle

slide gate plate nozzle


LMM YOTAI also equipped with world advanced facilities such as Laeis automatic hydraulic press HPF2500, Eirich R19 mixer, Shimadzu made XRF-1800 sequential X-Ray fluores-cence spectrometer, by focusing on product research and development and quality control. Our products also supply to Asia , Europe, America and Africa and other countries and regions.





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