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LMM TOTAI offer a complete product and service portfolio for all steelmaking processes.
From basic and non-basic bricks and mixes, slide gate plates, isostatic products and prefab components to special machinery, mechanisms and repair systems.

Ladle upper&lower Nozzle

The company provides a wide range of products and services used in converter, EAF, Ladle, tundish and other kilns and furnaces. We also equipped with world advanced facilities such as Laeis automatic hydraulic press HPF2500, Eirich R19 mixer, Shimadzu made XRF-1800 sequential X-Ray fluores-cence spectrometer, by focusing on product research and development and quality control. Our products also supply to Asia , Europe, America and Africa and other countries and regions.

Ladle Upper Nozzle

The high-quality upper and lower nozzle are made of sintered corundum, fused corundum, fused mullite, etc. as the main raw materials. They are bonded with new resin combination, formed by high pressure, fired by high temperature hydrogenation, and free from oil immersion. with high strength, good high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, strong thermal stability, long service life, etc.

AL2O3% ≥65≥80
  BD g/cm2≥3.10≥3.00
AP. %≤8≤10
CCS MPa≥120≥120

Ladle Lower Nozzle

The aluminum (zirconium) carbon lower nozzle is made of high-purity raw materials such as sintered corundum, super-grade bauxite, and fused mullite, and flake graphite with good oxidation resistance is used. It is combined with a new type of resin and molded under high pressure. It has high strength, high temperature resistance and good corrosion resistance, good impact resistance, strong thermal stability, etc.

AL2O3% ≥75≥70≥75≥85
BD g/cm2≥3.10≥2.95≥3.00≥3.05
AP. %≤9≤11≤11≤9
CCS Mpa≥150≥100≥120≥150

Comprehensive solution of Refractory for steelmaking

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