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Light dry spray coating CMG-LW1300

Light dry spray coating CMG-LW1300, etc.Our product retains some of the above characteristics. And because of its variety of lightweight raw materials, it also has excellent thermal insulation performance. It can reduce the energy consumption by reducing heat loss, in order to save energy and protect the environment. Can be applied to all kinds of pipes and lined with insulation layer and other parts.

Company Profile

LMM GROUP Refractory castable Manufacturing Factory is a well-known high-tech enterprise integrating refractory material research and development, production, sales and engineering construction. The company mainly provides various types of injection (coating) materials, castable materials and other series of unshaped refractory products for the steel industry.

LMM-Better raw materials to ensure better quality!

I.Advantages of raw material: small porosity, high purity, good volume stability.
Traditional same type products generally use the inferior fused brown corundum as aggregate, which alumina is above 94.5% with higher porosity, and more wear-resistant. LMM uses high-quality tabular corundum as aggregate: the Al₂O₃ content is more than 99% with smaller pores and more closed pores, higher purity, and better volume stability.

II.Advantages of resistance to slag and iron erosion: Compared with traditional ones, it has a smaller area ratio of resistance to slag and iron erosion.
1.Iron erosion advantage. Compared with 9% iron erosion area of traditional brown corundum furnace cylinder pouring material, the iron erosion area percentage of LMM is 8%.
2. Slag erosion advantage. The erosion area percentage of the traditional brown corundum casting slag is 7%, while the erosion area percentage of LMM is only 2%.
3. Strength performance advantages.

III. Strength performance advantage: As the most important performance index of refractors-compressive strength, LMM silica sol material has rolling advantage!
When the temperature is 110℃, the pressure resistance of other castable is 27MPa, while LMM castable is 55MPa. At 815℃, LMM castable play a more significant advantage, rolling property is higher 31.8MPa than others! At 1450℃, LMM’s castable is also 10MPa higher than others.


1. Production advantages

The factory has two fully automatic unshaped refractory material production lines and their supporting advanced production technology. The main equipment such as tilt mixers are advanced production equipment in the industry and undergo regular calibration and daily maintenance as required.

The company’s maximum production capacity of unshaped refractory materials is 400 tons/day, and its maximum annual production capacity can reach more than 100,000 tons. Automated production lines greatly reduce the probability of manual errors, ensure product supply capabilities, production stability, accuracy, controllability, and product quality.

2. Quality control advantages

Passed quality management system certification and complies with GB/T 19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015 standards;

We have a unique, strict, complete and mature quality control system. It has a professional testing laboratory with relatively complete equipment and instruments. All standards for each raw material and product must be met before they can leave the factory. Once any unqualified items are found, they will be dealt with immediately to ensure a 100% pass rate for the products leaving the factory and to ensure product quality to the greatest extent possible;




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