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LMM TOTAI offer a complete product and service portfolio for all steelmaking processes.
From basic and non-basic bricks and mixes, slide gate plates, isostatic products and prefab components to special machinery, mechanisms and repair systems.

Nonoxides bonding Slide gate plate

Warranty: 1 year
Sample: Sample testing is available
Certification: ISO9001/ISO14001
Payment method: TT/LC
Shipping method: sea/land/air
Using Position: large and middle size ladles & converter
Specifications: Customized products according to customer drawings

Our product have been supplied to world’s top steel manufacturer Arcelormittal, TATA Steel, EZZ steel etc. We do OEM for Concast and Danieli for a long time

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Ladle Slide Gate Plate for Flow Control functional Refractories are used in a wide range of processes in steelmaking, from blast furnaces to continuous casting. Therefore, more than anything they need to have reliable quality.

LMM GROUP is committed to supply reliable high quality ladle and tundish refractories such as slide gate plates, nozzles, well block, tundish nozzle, with competitive price to save the steelmaking cost for steel mill & steel plant.

When used on a 300-ton ladle in a steel plant, the service life can reach 3 to 4 furnaces and up to 7 furnaces; when used on a 60-ton tundish, the service life can reach 12 furnaces.

Nonoxides bonding Slide Plate
LMM-70 LMM-75 LMM-80 LMM-85
AL2O3 %   70 75 80 85
C   5 5 5 4
Apparent porosity % ≤ 10 10 10 8
Bulk density g/cm3   2.90 2.95 3.00 3.10
Normal temperature compressive strength MPa ≥ 90 90 100 120

LMM Nonoxides bonding Slide Plate uses tabular lumina Carbon-containing materal as major raw materals adds in specal metal using phenolic resin as binder,being buned under protectiveatmosphere.

Have the advantages :
Low carbon content strong strength under High temperature and good themal shock reistance stability
Manly used in small and medium-sized ladles.

Comprehensive solution of Refractory for steelmaking

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