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precast block for eaf

Steel precast ladle bottoms play a crucial role in the steelmaking process, particularly in steel ladles used for transporting and pouring molten steel.

  • Steel precast ladle bottoms are designed to provide a durable and heat-resistant surface at the bottom of ladles used in steelmaking processes.
  • They serve to protect the ladle shell from the extreme temperatures and corrosive effects of molten steel and slag.
  • Ladle bottoms help maintain the integrity of the ladle structure, preventing leaks or damage during steel pouring and transportation.


Heat resistance: Steel precast ladle bottoms are typically made of refractory materials that can withstand extremely high temperatures. These materials prevent the bottom of the ladle from melting or deforming under the intense heat of molten steel.
Thermal insulation: Ladle bottoms provide thermal insulation to minimize heat loss from the molten steel. This helps maintain the steel at the desired temperature until it is poured into molds or further processed.
Slag resistance: During the steelmaking process, slag (a byproduct of impurities in the steel) forms on the surface of the molten metal. Ladle bottoms are designed to resist the corrosive effects of slag, ensuring prolonged service life and minimizing the need for maintenance or replacement.
Structural support: Ladle bottoms contribute to the structural integrity of the ladle, providing a stable base for the weight of the molten steel and the mechanical stresses encountered during handling and pouring operations.
Easy installation and replacement: Precast ladle bottoms are manufactured off-site according to precise specifications and can be easily installed or replaced in ladles as needed, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous operation in steelmaking facilities.

precast block

precast block


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