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Refractory castable for Cover of tundish

Refractory castable for Cover of tundish

Use Bland
The cover of tundish: high alumina castable LY-CFC-16T
The castable for the lining :   high alumina castable LY-CFC-TD-80
Bricks for slag dam : magnesia bricks LY-TBX-SY-1
high alumina bricks LY-TBX-A2
Coating materials : magnesia coat LY-TD-C-M7
Block for impact zone: Al2O3-SiC-C block LY-LD-AGX-T2
Nozzle for casting: zirconia nozzle LY-YZN
Well block: high alumina block LY-SK35
Ramming materials: SiO2-Al2O3-SiC ramming materials LY-R-AMC
Repairing materials by trowelling:     high alumina castable LY-C-170M
Patching materials : high alumina LY-P-AP60

Select product: high alumina castable
Select modle: LY-CFC-16T/LT-CFC-18T

Comparing Characteristics

Characteristics 『LY-CFC-16T』 『LY-CFC-18T』
・No large shrinkage and expansion ・No bias of expansion and shrinkage in heating and cooling. Reduce  gap of expansion and shrinkage in repeated  heating by  using chamotte and  high alumina aggregates. Reduce tendency of shrinkage in repeated  heating by adding expansible raw material to high alumina aggregates.
・No corrosion under used temperature ・Few formation of low melting point material Low cement castable  contained over 50 %  alumina. Superior heat resistance. Low cement castable contained over 80% alumina. Greater heat resistance than LY-CFC-16T.
・No peeling during operation. Prevent peeling by adding  heat resistance stainless fiber. Prevent peeling by adding heat resistance stainless fiber.
・Cost ・Quantity reguired ・Cheaper than 18T. ・Quantity required is few, and unit price is cheap. ・More expensive than  16T. ・Much quality required

Evaluation of CFC-16T and CFC-18T


  • Tundish cover material for general purpose
  • For customers required volume stability
  • Basic material to develop new material in order to fulfill customer’s multi needs.


  • Recommended in usage condition required more heat resistance than 16T.
  • For customers required high corrosion resistane and  high heat resistance

Technical Data

 Brand LY-CFC-16T LY-CFC-18T
Maximum Service Temperature(℃) 1600 1800
 Chemical Composition(%) Al2O3 56 82
SiO2 39 14
SiC 3
Maximum grain (mm) 8 8
Cold Crushing Strength(MPa) 110℃×24h 50 40
1500℃×3h 85 78
 Linear Change(%) 110℃×24h -0.1 -0.1
1500℃×3h 0.9 0.1
Water Required (%) 7.0~9.0 6.0~8.0
 Quantity Required(kg/m3) 2400 2800
Feature ・General purpose ・Used at blast furnace and electric arc furnace ・High heat resistance ・Used for electric arc furnace 


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