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The MgO-C bricks which used in EAF has a good performance in 75 furnaces, we are so satificated with the using performance of the bricks from LMM YOTAI
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We improved the bricks formula and specification accoridng to our experience, the final using performance doubled compared with their previous specification.
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In the ladle we have been using high alumina bricks with a performance of 50 heats. After the improved design of LMM YOTAI engineers, we use magnesia carbon bricks instead of high alumina bricks, and the performance reaches 60 furnaces and is still running.

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Submerged Entry Nozzle for tundish

Warranty: 1 year
Sample: Sample testing is available
Certification: ISO9001/ISO14001
Payment method: TT/LC
Shipping method: sea/land/air
Specifications: Customized products according to customer drawings

Series of products:
ASP Submerged Entry Nozzle for thin slab caster
BSP Submerged Entry Nozzle for thin slab caster
CSP Submerged Entry Nozzle for thin slab caster

The products adapt to all types of thin slab casterproduction line, the optimized design,strict production process control. Then ensure that the products have perfect thermal shock resistance, anti-erosion and anti-corrosion properties, andalso service life reaches 800 minuts even more.

ItemFlangeBodySlag line
Chemical CompositionAl2O3≥45··—
ZrO2 ≥76
Bulk Density (g/cm3)≥2.75≥2.75≥2.60≥3.60
Apparent Porosity(%)≤16≤16≤19≤19
 Cold Crushing Strength(MPa)≥25≥20≥20≥20
Modulus of Rupture-Room Temp (MPa)≥7.0≥5.0≥6.0≥5.0
Thermal shock resistance(sequence)≥5.0≥5.0

A ladle nozzle, also known simply as a nozzle, is a crucial component in the process of steelmaking, particularly in continuous casting. Its purpose is to control the flow of molten steel from the ladle to the tundish during the continuous casting process. Here’s a breakdown of its purpose and function:

Flow Control: The ladle nozzle serves as a valve to regulate the flow rate of molten steel from the ladle into the tundish. This control is essential for maintaining a consistent flow of steel to the mold during continuous casting, ensuring proper solidification and quality of the cast product.

Prevention of Inclusions and Oxidation: Ladle nozzles are designed to minimize the introduction of inclusions (non-metallic particles) and oxidation into the molten steel stream. This is achieved by using refractory materials that resist erosion and minimize the risk of nozzle blockage, which could lead to defects in the cast product.

Temperature Control: The ladle nozzle helps to maintain the desired temperature of the molten steel as it passes from the ladle to the tundish. Proper temperature control is critical for achieving the desired casting conditions and preventing issues such as steel solidification before reaching the mold.

Uniform Distribution: The design of the ladle nozzle ensures uniform distribution of molten steel into the tundish, which is essential for achieving consistent casting quality across the entire width of the mold.

Minimization of Splashing and Air Entrapment: Ladle nozzles are engineered to minimize splashing and air entrapment during the transfer of molten steel. Splashing can cause safety hazards and lead to steel loss, while air entrainment can introduce defects into the cast product.

Compatibility with Continuous Casting Equipment: Ladle nozzles are designed to be compatible with the specific continuous casting equipment used in the steelmaking process. This includes considerations such as nozzle size, shape, and attachment mechanism to ensure seamless integration into the casting system.

Comprehensive solution of Refractory for steelmaking

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